Ramboll conducts big interdisciplinary study in Greenland

16 November 2016
How to ignite the hydropower potential in Greenland? This question Ramboll has been asked to unfold through a pre-feasibility study by the Greenlandic Ministry of Industry, Labour and Trade.


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Henrik Stener Pedersen

Henrik Stener Pedersen

T: +45 5161 8124
Henrik Fenger Jeppesen

Henrik Fenger Jeppesen

Director, Ramboll Greenland
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Today, only a small part of the hydropower potential, deducing hydroelectricity through e.g. dams and run-of-river-projects, has been developed in Greenland. Greenland has significantly undeveloped and also internationally competitive hydropower potential ready to be mapped and exploited.

The objective of the pre-feasibility study is to assist The Government of Greenland with a study that will help them raise awareness amongst businesses and potential investors about the major opportunities to further exploit Greenland’s substantial hydropower potential.

A joint effort

The study has been carried out by a joint team of Ramboll experts with Ramboll Management Consulting as lead also including Ramboll DK, Ramboll Greenland Buildings, and three external companies for law and tax provision.

“Being able to address the project with a great knowledge of hydro potential and a deep insight into the hydropower plants in Greenland has enabled us to use our wide understanding of concrete technical options, locations, and costs to prepare technically sound and solid pre-feasibility analyses to use for the prospectus”, explains Henrik Stener Pedersen, Director at Ramboll Management Consulting.

New business potential

Since the 1970’s there has been an increasing interest in the potentials of hydropower plants in Greenland’s industry supply.

Director at Ramboll Denmark’s Greenland office, Henrik Fenger Jeppesen elaborates:

“Following the recent termination of Alcoa’s rights to the hydropower potential in the Western Greenland, the ministry now wishes to market the hydropower potential further and make themselves more visible to prospective investors. Here Ramboll can help pave the way.”

One such place could be at the Greenlandic Day Event in Taiwan at November 1st, where Ramboll was asked to elaborate on the feasibility study to attract prospective investors and new business partners.

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