Herbert Dreiseitl

Director Liveable Cities Lab

Oqarasuaat: +49 151 44006301

Herbert is an urban designer, landscape architect, water artist, interdisciplinary planner and professor in praxis. A hallmark of his work is the inspiring and innovative use of water to solve urban environmental challenges, connecting technology with aesthetics, encouraging people to take care and ownership for places.

He has realized groundbreaking contemporary designs in the fields of urban design, urban hydrology, water art, stormwater management, planning and landscape architecture. He lectures worldwide and has authored many publications including three editions of Recent Waterscapes, Planning, Building and Designing with Water.

Recent projects

Ramboll Greenland (Pingaarnertut allaffeqarfia)

Ramboll Greenland (Pingaarnertut allaffeqarfia)
Imaneq 32, 2. sal
DK-3900 Nuuk
Tel: +299 32 40 88
Fax +299 32 42 84

Mail: ramboll@ramboll.gl



Rambøll Kalaallit Nunaat A/S

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